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Fabiola Martinez / Appears 22 / 153 pounds / 5 ft 2" / Long brown hair / Dark brown eyes / Tanned dark skin



1. First time: One or Both of you are virgins.
2. Wedding Night: You’ve been waiting for this night forever. Or maybe not.
3. Masturbation: Put some porn on, get your hand ready, and have a good night with a friend.
4. Blow jobs: Sucky sucky, bucky bucky.
5. Penetrative: There’s parking in the rear, or drive through the front.
6. Make up Sex: You did something wrong, and you’re going to give this person the best night of their lives.
7. Up against the wall: You couldn’t wait when they came in the door.
8. In the shower: Fun in the tub is something worth trying at least once.
9. Get away: You’re on a romantic get away. Beach? Some snazzy motel? Whatever you’d like!
10. Been awhile: It’s been awhile since you’ve sene each other, so it’s time to make up for lost time!
11. Break up sex: This isn’t make up sex, it’s goodbye sex!
12. Hook up: You don’t really love each other, but you are horny and neither of you is bad looking, so…
13. The big night: You’ve been dating forever (or maybe not!) and it’s time to take the next step!
14. Doggy style: Sex from behind.
15. Frottage: You don’t always need to penetrate! Sometimes grinding on each other is more than enough.
16. Spooning: Sex while you spoon… perfect way to start the morning!
17. Couch: Fooling around on the couch!
18. Massage and maybe something more: You want to pamper your lover tonight!
19. Candlelit: Wine, soft music, candlelights… maybe there was even a trail leading to the bedroom! Ultimate cheese.
20. Pick your own: Maybe there’s something I forgot, or maybe you want to do multiples. Roll a twenty, and go for it.

1. At school: Under the bleachers, in the classroom, in the bathroom… maybe even on the principal’s desk.
2. Amusement Park: You ran out of things to do? There’s privacy on the ferris wheel.
3. In the park: Always a fun time, just stay away from the washrooms.
4. At the mall: Changing rooms = Happy Sexy Time
5. The sex store: How people are not caught having sex in here sometimes, is beyond me
6. Someone else’s home: You so dirty. Hope they don’t catch… or maybe you do.
7. Forest: camping isn’t the only fun thing to do….
8. In a closet: seven minutes in heaven? Just no other choice? have fun in there!
9. In the weather: Rain, snow, whatever, you just can’t wait to do it!
10. Hospital: In the bed, in the restroom, maybe you just need a release from anxious waiting for news on that loved one!
11. In the car: The backseat and foggy windows, over the hood… maybe the engine’s still going for that extra thrill!
12. In the woods: Camping or on a hike, you though that tree looked mighty friendly.
13. In the restroom: You couldn’t wait to get out of the restaurant or wherever you are, so a stall will just have to do.
14. Under the table: Teasing your lover (or being teased in return!) under the table at a restaurant. Hands, mouth, whatever you can think of.
15. Elevator: Getting off while you’re going up, you just can’t wait and you don’t care who might catch you.
16. Back of the club: You can’t wait until you get out of this club to get your hands on each other…
17. At a concert: You don’t want to miss the show, but you also don’t want to pass up the chance to get a little more intimate either.
18. Against a window: Up against a window where anyone looking could see…
19. Putting on a show: Sex in front of people. Maybe you were really drunk at the bar or someone paid for it… maybe you just want to do it for the thrill.
20. Pick your own: Maybe there’s something I forgot, or maybe you want to do multiples. Roll a twenty, and go for it.

1. Non-Con: They say no, you’ll make them say yes.
2. Dub-Con: They may have said yes, but it’s going to happen anyways.
3. Bondage: Super tight, hanging from things, unable to move, really hot.
4. Fisting: One, two, three, four, five… and then one again.
5. Blood Play: Red is a really lucky color… not for someone.
6. Power Play: Someone is in charge, and will make sure that the other person isn’t. People in power are crazy.
7. Piercing/tattoos: body piercing can an erotic experience for some.
8. Asphixiation: They say it makes you come even harder, but be careful!
9. Gore: different from blood play, this time it’s causing more permanent damage…
10. cock & ball/pussy torture: Clothes pins, hitting, and anything else you can imagine that can make you hurt oh-so-good.
11. Flogging: Spanking, whipping, flogging, and whatever else you can think of. Someone’s been naughty.
12. Orgasm denial: They might want to so bad, beg and plead, but you’re not going to let the come yet. Or maybe not at all.
13. Forced orgasms: Either made to come multiple times or roughly brought to orgasm despite any discomfort.
14. Double penetration: Either in two separate holes or the same one. It could be two toys, a penis and a toy, two penises… or the combinations are endless! Either way, you’re going to be stuffed full.
15. Ice play: Ice cubes on the skin or even inside to cool you down.
16. Wax play: Wax from candles poured over the skin. Doesn’t it burn so good?
17. Fighting: It’s like Fight Club… only it ends in dirty, dirty sex.
18. Electrosex: Electrical stimulation to nerves for sexual stimulation, in particular the genitals and nipples.
19. Sensory deprivation: it can make orgasms even stronger!
20. Pick your own: Maybe there’s something I forgot, or maybe you want to do multiples. Roll a twenty, and go for it.

1. Teacher and Student: Someone needs a better grade.
2. Doctor and Patient: Time to give someone the best bedside treatment they can.
3. Cop and Criminal: Those handcuffs are finally coming in handy.
4. Master and Servant: Those servants have to serve someone. A housewife and butler, rich man and maid… those outfits are hot.
5. Strangers: Oh, you’ve never met this hot, delicious, naked stranger. Maybe it’s time to get acquainted.
6. Enemies: Oh I hate you! Oh but I’ll have sex with you anyways!
7. Aliens: Oh, you want to probe what?
8. Non-con: Oh, no, please don’t!
9. Soldier: the big, bad soldier wants a minute alone with you…
10. Cowboys: Or cowgirls. Yee-haw!
11. Fireman: or woman. Oh, you’re going to be putting out a fire, alright.
12. Pizzaboy: They don’t have the money to pay, but you accept other forms of payment, thankfully.
13. Good guy and bad guy: Maybe they’re trying to take over the world and the only way to stop the is through hot sex.
14. Vampire and victim: You’re going to drink their blood… only probably not.
15. Prostitute: They paid for you.
16. Incest: parent or sibling kink? Go ahead and play it out.
17. Priest: They need to confess to you…
18. Kidnapper: Uh-oh, they got you now! What ever will they do to you?
19. Shy virgin: You’re a shy virgin but don’t worry, they’ll teach you the ropes!
20. Pick your own: Maybe there’s something I forgot, or maybe you want to do multiples. Roll a twenty, and go for it.

1. Dirty talk: Most people like a little dirty talk… either you’ve determined to get your lover off with dirty talk alone or you’re just getting them in the mood
2. Threesome: Two is fun, three is better. It’s fine to play the third person as an NPC if you don’t have a third partner.
3. Can we please…: Can we please have a threesome/try this position/do this? Your lover is trying to convince you to spice things up!
4. Phone sex: You want to get your lover off, but you’re not right there with them.
5. Dirty pictures/video: You’re making a video or taking some sexy pictures for a private collection.
6. Looking at/Watching porn: Enjoying porn together can bring you closer!
7. Dreams: this is all a dream! Will both of you remember it when you wake up?
8. Think I can: for whatever reason, you haven’t felt comfortable being intimate with your partner… until now.
9. Ghost: who says spirits can’t get a little naughty? Maybe you’re not even a spirit but invisible for some reason or another.
10. Sex drug: You’ve been given a sex drug and you need to get laid right now.
11. Cheating: You’re cheating on your lovers with each other.
12. Voyeurism: You want to watch your lover have sex with someone else or for someone to watch the both of you together.
13. Possessed: Your lover isn’t… exactly themselves. Too rough? Too gentle? Maybe they weren’t even your lover before this…
14. Genderswitched: One or both of you is the other gender!
15. Glory hole: Stimulation awaits on the other side!
16. Sex club: You’re in a club specifically for sex. Relax, have fun, try not to interrupt any orgies!
17. Teasing: Sending dirty texts, whispering things in your lover’s ear, or just bending over a little too much, you’re determined to drive your lover crazy with teasing.
18. Blackmailed: You were blackmailed into doing this…
19. Webcam/IM: You’re cybering!
20. Pick your own: Maybe there’s something I forgot, or maybe you want to do multiples. Roll a twenty, and go for it.

Or anything kinky for that matter 

I beg of u
:iconask-china-hetalia: 's admin

My babe

My Beautiful girlfriend <3

She should be asleep by the time I post this so Its a surprise uvu

But yes. We are dating and I don't want to be with anyone but her. She's my favorite person in the whole world and I couldn't be luckier. I love her so much. My cutie, My wondrous chicken wing. 

All I have to say, I'm in love. I can't really describe it in any other way. She's perfect for me. Agh. Just thinking about her right now gives me the blushies.

I love you Honoka
I would say ur real name  but u hate it plus I'm not gonna say it here 

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"And on this weekend's news a new body has been discovered in the --- area. Though no traces have been found the police department greatly believes it may be connected to the murder of ---- and ----. On another topic the new construction site-"

"It happened again." Yao sighed as he solemnly looked at the television's screen. He lowered the volume and looked at his wife. Being the head detective who was on the murder case of the multiple victims must have been stressing. There would be days she would come home late attempting to find any clues that lead to the murderer. Though Fabiola had sworn not to speak about this case she would often complain about it to her husband.

"Does this mean you're going to work?.." He looked crestfallen at the fact that his beloved might leave him again on their day off. This whole day was supposed to be just for them.
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"Ah, hello again. I just thought...well, since you were very hospitable to me before, especially since I wasn't feeling well, I thought I'd return the favor." Offering up a nice decorated basket of wine and grapes, Grigori smiled sheepishly and lowered his head. "So...thank you..."
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Okay, just like you rehearsed...

"I..." Yao's lips froze. Not only that but his whole body had gone stiff. The lines he had practiced for so long disappeared from his mind. "Err... I... Never mind.."

He disappointingly looked down at his meal and began to pick at the food with his fork. This was the fifth time he had attempted to propose but he always ended up backing out.  Thinking that this would finally be the day he would be able to pop in the question he had reserved a place at Fabiola's favorite restaurant and had left their 8 month old baby in the care of his sister to spend quality time together. Honestly he had planned to propose at an earlier time but with the sudden pregnancy then the baby and his lover needing care he had completely forgotten.
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( Here's the angst thing- sorry if it's a bit stale. )

Grigori sat alone in a park, his back pressed to the cold, wooden bench with splinters and peeling red lead paint. Fingers dug into the paint only to peel at it unconsciously as he uttered seemingly to himself, though for some reason, it felt as if he wasn't truly alone, that another presence was right with him even if it wasn't detectable to the eye. After a brief period of silence, he cackled dryly to himself, pushing his bangs over his face as the winds picked up and howled. Seeing as it was almost night time, it would be time to start heading home, but he didn't feel like moving anywhere.
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Era un día soleado y hacía calor. Link se encontraba caminando por la arena, en eso, una sombra lo cubre. Acto seguido, se encuentra con un pie descalzo. Link miró hacia arriba y la vio
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you're probably waiting impatiently for the RP but I can't think of anything ;w; I'm still trying to comprehend the whole Sly Cooper thing

Can you send a starter? ;w; Even if it's short I'll somehow build onto it

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    would you taste this and tell me what you think?

    [ offers her a small cookie ]
    [ which he takes from a little tin with several more inside ]

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There was a air of hesitance surrounding the Pridnestrovian; not because he was unsure of what he wanted to say, he was just unsure if how Fabiola would react, and if it was just too late to bring it up again. So many times he shot down idea, to the point it nearly jeopardized their relationship, but after much time and thinking, as well as the persuading of a little friend of his, he thought that he was ready. Or close enough to it.

"Ah, Fabiola...may I ask you something...." He tapped on the shoulders of his beloved Ecuadorian, blushing and speaking softly.
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I want some of your brown sugar-
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It would have been a lovely morning if it wasn't for the fact that Yao had woken up with missing and extra luggage. He had innocently gotten up from bed, walked to the restroom and when he had intended to make use of the toilet had found his junk missing. He quickly double checked to make sure he was just seeing stuff and when that failed he had looked in the mirror. Right in front of him his suspicions were confirmed. His body was a lot more feminine and curvier in a few places, he was now a girl. Instead of running to Fabiola, who was still in bed, he- umm... she let out an loud ear-piercing screech.
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This is just what he needed. No, what the both of them so desperately needed. A chance to get away from all the troubles of the world and find some place and time for the both of them to relax and rejuvenate, as well as grow closer together. Grigori smiled at Fabiola, taking a shaky hand to place on top of hers as they both gazed out into the ocean's horizon while they stood on the top deck of the crusie ship.

"I never imagined coming out so far...not even when I saw the Black Sea for the firs time..."
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